Lenses for HD

Use the best glass available.

Although many lenses designed for standard definition ENG will fit HD cameras it is generally better to use lenses specifically designed for HD.

Lens design and manufacture is a delicate dance between cost, functionality and quality. Unlimited R&D resources could produce the world’s best lens. Maybe such lens would even be functional and practical enough for actual use but it would undoubtedly cost more than what the market can bear. In reality lens are designed to control cost of manufacture and this introduces imperfections.

Standard definition TV lenses have their share of imperfections. On a better quality SD lens those imperfections may not be visible. Once the lens is mounted on an HD camera chromatic aberration and other anomalies that were invisible in SD can suddenly become objectionable.

HD lens are designed and manufactured using higher standards than their SD counterparts. Your camera will record only what it sees. Don’t deprive it of the best glass available.