Avid Media Composer Marker Converter

This tool converts Avid Media Composer markers (locators) to a web based document for client online review. It also converts markers to subtitles that can be loaded back into Media Composer, Symphony or DS.

Select a Media Composer marker file:

Small subtitle font

Export Markers in Media Composer and Upload

Click on the fast menu of the marker bin in Media Composer, select “Export Markers” and export as text.

“Small subtitle font” upload option is suitable for markers with long descriptions and useful when converting for use in Avid DS.

As soon as the marker file is uploaded you will be able to share the link to the web based marker HTML table.

Load Subtitles in Media Composer or Symphony

  1. Command+Y (Ctrl+Y) add a new video track
  2. Place Generator/SubCap effect onto the new video track
  3. In Effect Editor uncollapse “Caption Files” and select “Import Caption Data”
  4. In the dialog box select “Avid DS Caption File” under file type and load the *sub.txt file

Load Subtitles in DS

  1. Press “Generate” button, select “Import Subtitles” and load the *sub.txt file
  2. Optionally, open the marker HTML table in the DS browser

Known Issues

Media Composer 7 spanned markers are supported but represented as subtitles of 1 frame duration due to limitations in Avid DS. Importing subtitles of incorrect frame rate or mismatched DF/NDF timecode will cause DS to crash. DS subtitles do not allow more than one subtitle per timecode.