HD Monitors for Pros

Prepare to spend more than a couple of bucks.

Video monitors have never been cheap but High Definition video monitors may put a dent on a budget. There are several options depending on what the intended use.

Renting a monitor with the camera package is a sensible option for production work. Listen for the advice of your DP and DIT.

LCD displays are a popular option because they are flat, lightweight and emit lots of light. A bright display helps when there is lots of ambient light. CRT displays offer the most color accuracy and could be crucial if you’re doing intricate color work on the set.

LCD displays are good for non-color-critical work such as offline editing. They are cheaper than their CRT counterparts and have a smaller footprint.

For finishing work, color correction and any other image critical work traditional CRT displays still offer advantages over LCD screens. CRTs have numerous disadvantages too, high cost of purchase and expensive maintenance are a few.