FED Monitors

Field Emission Technology

Behind a complicated name hides a monitor technology simpler then the popular LCD monitor technology.

At first sight FED monitors are similar in appearance to LCD monitors. They are flat and thin but that’s where the similarity ends. FED is similar in approach to conventional CRTs.

The inside of a vacuum sealed screen is coated with light emitting phosphorus. The phosphorus coat can be formulated to exact EBU and SMPTE specifications assuring a high level of color accuracy.

Unlike a CRT which has one deep-set electron gun, FED display has thousands of micro emitters positioned in close proximity to the phosphorus layer.

The advantages of FED technology include high color accuracy, low power consumption and the ability to display very high frame rates (240fps as of 2007).

However, this technology is still in development. There are no available production models as of 2008.