IMOD Monitors

Complicated name whose time’s to come.

IMOD stands for Interferometric Modulator. This name means very little to most people. However, this display technology achieves an effect that’s familiar to millions.

IMOD displays are reflective devices. Unlike most display technologies IMOD monitors do not emit light. Looking at a display like this resembles looking at a vibrantly printed page. How is this possible?

The technology takes a cue from the natural world. Iridescent butterfly wings have a unique property of reflecting white light in a wide range of saturated hues.

A light wave reflects off two discreet pieces of a microscopic IMOD cell. The spatial configuration of the cell changes the phase of one of the waves. When the waves combine (as all electromagnetic waves of like frequency naturally do) the resulting luminance is either bright, dark or anywhere inbetween. The cells have moving parts which allow them to modulate the intensity or reflected light.

IMOD was originally developed for use in portable devices because it uses much less energy than any conventional display technology. The image on IMOD monitors is very fine and vibrant in bright sunlight but invisible in darkness as there is no illumination emanating from the display itself.