Achieving Film Look in HD

23.98 is 90% of the look already.

The special look of film is typically associated with quality dramatic narrative productions.

There are two main groups of factors that define the “film look.” One has to do with properties of the photographed image while the other has to do with temporal cadence of film.

The image related group includes many properties. Some of the more significant ones are a greater dynamic range and shallower depth of field than that of most video cameras.

However, it is the temporal properties of 24fps film that most people identify as the quality that sets film apart. 1080 59.94i or 720 59.94p high definition formats display roughly 60 discreet pictures per second. Like in NTSC standard definition video this frame rate creates smoother rendition of motion but fails to deliver stylized look of 24fps film.

The quickest and cheapest way of creating the look of film is to shoot at 24fps. 1080 23.98 is a good choice. You can also shoot 720 59.94p standard as long as you’re using Varicam or similar method which simulates the look of 24fps within a 59.94p structure.

Camera built in film look methods which simulate but do not actually deliver 23.98 discreet frames per second are not the best way to achieve the film effect. These features are typically found in HDV cameras and less expensive standard definition cameras.