What’s a Good Workflow?

The one that takes you to the finish line quickly.

Technological advances of last ten years have significantly altered digital picture acquisition and post production. While in the past you were limited to film or Betacam SP tape, today’s options are seemingly endless.

There is a meandering road from SD cameras, formats, implementations of HD, editors and tapeless acquisition to the final color corrected master.

A good workflow is the one that addressed the creative needs and financial parameters of your show and offers a technically sound method of bringing you from start to finish. There is no one particular workflow that will work for everyone every time.

The new equipment on the market has allowed better quality (not always) at lower prices but has also complicated the once straightforward map of production and post production process.

In order to avoid costly surprises in post it is necessary to carefully plan out and test out your workflow. Click here to download a PDF version of Figure 1.


post production workflow diagram

Fig. 1. Post Production Workflow Diagram