3:2 (2:3) Pulldown in HD

Used in the United States for film to tape transfers

Also known as 2:3 pulldown this process makes it possible to transfer 24fps film to 30fps videotape (really 29.97 but that’s another discussion). The goal is achieved by holding longer an extra field every other frame of video [Fig. 1].

3:2 pulldown is alive and well in 1080 59.94i HD standard. It works exactly the same way as in SD video. Anything that was originally shot in 24fps film or 23.98p HD and transferred to 1080 59.94i will consequently have 3:2 pulldown.

720 59.94p HD standard also uses a similar method to 3:2 pulldown to achieve a 24fps look on tape when shot with Varicam.

See also advanced pulldown.


3:2 pulldown explained

Fig. 1. 2:3 Pulldown — From Film to Video Tape