Slow Motion in Post

The slomo is better than ever.

Slow motion playback can be achieved in two ways in post production.

Every NLE has a built in slo-mo capability. Some do their job better than others. There are also high end plugins which can analyze motion and create new video frames by using sophisticated mathematical calculations.

Varicam cameras from Panasonic shoot at 59.94p regardless of the intended frame rate. For example if you are shooting a film production at 23.98p the camera is really shooting 29.94p and using an equivalent of 3:2 pulldown to achieve the cadence of film. This feature can be used for acquisition of off speed shots much the same way a film camera can be overcrancked or undercrancked.

When you shoot at higher frame rate the result in post production is slow motion. When you shoot are lower frame rate the result in post production is fast motion.

Click here for slow motion for live switched events.