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Embracing the AI Wave: DaVinci Resolve Chatbot

In 2023, AI has made leaps and bounds, becoming an integral part of our lives.

The AI and machine learning developments affected the Media & Entertainment industry and I have done a lot of experimentation, some of which has been documented in my series of DaVinci Resolve and AI integration videos.

I’ve taken these tests a step further and released several chatbots. They rely on the latest product from OpenAI called GPT which allows developers to easily deploy chatbots and augment their knowledge with custom datasets.

DaVinci Resolve™ and Fusion™ AI Assistant

Expert AI chatbot support for DaVinci Resolve capable of generating  API code, DCTLs, analyzing uploaded  images and much more!

Adobe After Effects AI Assistant

Expert AI support for Adobe After Effects motion graphics, VFX, and paint.

Adobe Photoshop AI Assistant

Expert AI support for Adobe Photoshop.

Qt PySide AI Assistant

Code review, code generation, tips and tricks for popular PySide2 and PySide6 UI toolkits.


A lighthearted AI impersonator of Josip Broz Tito.

It’s all about amplifying creativity!

Resolve Project Automation

DaVinci Resolve™ Studio has recently added support for scripting.

Users normally interact with Resolve™ via the user interface. The scripting makes it possible to bypass the user interface and control the software by typing commands.

This feature may be difficult for most users, but it opens up DaVinci Resolve™ Studio to third party applications. The first application to utilize the scripting is Meta Fide Projector.

Setting up projects in Resolve™ is easy. Staying on top of your facility naming conventions can be onerous.

In environments where there is a frequent project handoff it’s necessary to use standard nomenclature and bin organizational structure. It is also very useful to have all standard media assets like logos, bars, facility slates, graphics toolkits, etc. imported into a project.

Doing all this by hand for each new project is time consuming. This is where Projector steps in. Creating a new project with Projector is as simple as giving it a name and clicking a button.

All of the project’s bin structure as well as the common assets are defined in a user template. This template ensures all new projects adhere to the facility standards. However, it is also possible to define multiple templates. The user can build a template for each client or for each type of a job.

Projector takes this a step further by allowing the command line use. This way other applications can trigger Projector automatically in the non-GUI mode.

For example, it is possible for Adobe After Effects to launch Projector after completing the render, create a new DaVinci Resolve™ project, and import all the rendered shots into a bin. All this can take place without any user input.

Projector is available from Meta Fide as a desktop application for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Avid to Resolve Marker Converter

This tool converts Avid Media Composer markers to DaVinci Resolve timeline markers. It also generates a web based document for colorist and client review.

In Media Composer click on the fast menu in the markers window and save the markers in txt format. Upload the file and download the converted EDL file.

In Resolve right click a timeline, select Timelines/Import/Timeline Markers from EDL…, and load the converted marker EDL file.

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