Avid Project Setup Automation

Createproject Python script is used for Media Composer finishing project preparation. It automatically creates:

  1. Custom named Media Composer project with custom bins.
  2. Custom named Avid MediaFiles/MXF media storage directory.
  3. Custom named ancillary storage path for elements.

In addition, createproject.py backs up the bin containing the locked sequence to the ancillary storage and copies it to SEQ Avid bin inside the project. Upon completion createproject.py sends emails to one or more recipients.

The user configurable template project contains bins used for the project creation.

The script requires Python 2.7x install in Windows. Python is installed in OS X by default.  Minimal user configuration of the script is required.

Download createproject.py


The script is suited for episodic show use. The bin should contain no spaces and be named as:


An example valid name is: ABC_101_FinalLocked.avb.


Drag-and-drop Avid bin onto the script icon.


  1. Double click the script icon.
  2. Drag-and-drop Avid bin onto the Terminal window
  3. Press Enter