Avid DS Presets and Tutorials

This is a collection of free Avid DS video podcast tutorials and presets. These and additional video tutorials are available at higher quality at YouTube and Post Magazine.

The presets have been tested to work in Avid DS v10 and above. You may use, share, and modify these presets but may not sell them.

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Presets by Tony Quinsee-Jover:
V10 Preset V11 Preset Podcast
Mosaic N/A N/A
Queasy N/A N/A
Presets by Igor Ridanovic:
V10 Preset V11 Preset Podcast
Earthquake N/A Basic Expressions Part 1
Glow Blur Transition N/A Basic Expressions Part 2
Audio Meters N/A Intermediate Expressions
Chirpy Sound N/A Intermediate Expressions
Delay Expressions N/A Intermediate Expressions
Simple Sine Wave N/A Intermediate Expressions
Radar N/A Intermediate Expressions
Matte Color Correction N/A Power Windows
Simple Sine Wave N/A Intermediate Expressions
Glow N/A Build a Glow Effect
Rack Focus N/A Rack Focus
Motion Parallax v1.2 (w/manual) N/A Motion Parallax
N/A N/A Media Composer to DS
N/A N/A Conform From EDL
N/A N/A Conform From AFE
N/A N/A Composite Containers
N/A N/A Color Bars & Head Format
N/A N/A Customizing Wacom Tablet
Paint Trail Lower Third N/A Paint Trails (Handwriting)
N/A N/A Matte Containers
Stereoscopic Separation N/A Stereoscopic Containers
Duplicate Frame Detector N/A Detecting Repeated Frames
High Speed Calculator N/A Frame Time Calculator
High Speed Calculator Express N/A Frame Time Calculator
Color Temp. RT (w/T. Jover) N/A N/A
N/A N/A MetaFuze Tutorial (English)
N/A N/A MetaFuze Tutorial (Espanol)
Functional Counters N/A On-screen Counter
N/A N/A Avid DS RED Import
N/A N/A Avid DS_Z Buffer FX
MetaFuze Processing Manager N/A N/A
FogSmoke Preset N/A Fog and Smoke FX
Start/Stop DS Indexers .bat N/A Indexing & Media Mngt. Pt1
Start/Stop DS Indexers .bat N/A Indexing & Media Mngt. Pt2
N/A N/A Premultiplication Pt1
N/A N/A Premultiplication Pt2
S3D Title Preset N/A Stereoscopic Titles
N/A N/A 10 Random Avid DS Tips
Waving Flag Preset N/A Billowing Flag
3D Metal Plate & Laser Etching N/A 3D Laser Etching
Sample Topo Maps N/A Topographic Modeling Pt1
N/A N/A Topographic Modeling Pt2
Stereoscopic Anaglyph N/A Stereoscopic Conversion
Color Spot Checker N/A Color Spot Checker
N/A N/A Media Purging
N/A N/A Camera Smoothing
 N/A Custom Launcher DS 11 AJA Custom Launcher
N/A Transport Surface Configuration
N/A Capture Link List
N/A Intro to LUTs Pt 1 of 2
N/A Intro to LUTs Pt 2 of 2
N/A EDL Notching in Avid DS
N/A Retro Glissen in Avid DS
N/A Avid DS Viewer Fix
 DS Pan & Scan preset N/A No podcast
N/A DS color surface mapping No podcast
Instacrap old photo filter  N/A Available on Youtube only