RED Epic and Scarlet Cameras

Read the November 2008 article here.

RED Digital Cinema has announced several new camera products at NAB 2008.

There were many speculations about improvements to the existing RED ONE camera but few suspected RED EPIC which is an entirely new 5K camera.

RED EPIC is not going to be available until 2009 but the specifications are truly impressive. The camera boasts a new Mysterium X imaging sensor capable of recording 5k RAW or RGB images images at 100MB/S.

RED EPIC can shoot at frame rates of 1-100FPS and has WiFi remote control capability. The camera comes in black aluminum styling similar to RED ONE. Most of existing RED ONE accessories are compatible with EPIC.

RED Digital Cinema also showed Scarlet. This new camera features a smaller 2/3″ Mysterium X imaging sensor that produces images at 3k. Scarlet has similar specifications to EPIC with the ability to shoot up to 120 frames per second. Scarlet body is smaller but still compatible with most accessories designed for RED ONE. Scarlet will ship in early 2009.

The cost of EPIC is going to around $30,000 (USD) with upgrade options for customers who purchase RED ONE in the period before EPIC is released. For more information visit RED Digital Cinema.