HDTV Broadcast

Who can see your show in HD? A lucky few.

But the number of HD equipped households is growing rapidly in the U.S. where 13.7% of households were equipped with HDTV gear in 2007 according to Nielsen. The number is projected to grow to beyond 30% in 2008.

European households are slow adopters with projected 3% of households receiving HD broadcasts in 2007.

The U.S. and Japan are leaders in HDTV set penetration accounting for 91% of all HD equipped households worldwide.

HD broadcast in the U.S. is achieved through several means. Stations in larger markets have been broadcasting ATSC compliant digital signal which can be received with an antenna and an HD capable TV set. Digital cable operators and Satellite TV companies offer additional HD channels.

Not all cable networks have HD dedicated channels at the beginning of 2008. This is quickly changing as networks are accumulating enough material to begin HD broadcasting.