LipSYnc Gets Quantel Genetic Engineering

London post house LipSync Post recently installed a Quantel Genetic Engineering shared workflow solution to support its two Pablo color correction suites and iQ DI system. All systems can now share media without wasting time transferring media between suites or managing multiple versions.

Colorist Lee Clappison estimates that LipSync Post is already benefiting from a 50% efficiency improvement, and anticipates further gains “as we learn how to get even more out of the new workflow. We’re able to do prep work such as dust busting, dropping in effects shots, sync checking and versioning on the iQ while the creative work continues uninterrupted on the Pablos.

“It’s a much better way to work because you don’t interrupt the flow, and it’s appreciated by clients because it eliminates the hanging around waiting for non-creative jobs to happen,” Clappison explains.