SpectSoft 3d Live Pro now available

(Oakdale, California – October 12, 2009) SpectSoft LLC., a leading provider of video solutions on the Linux platform, today announced a new version of the popular 3d Live solution.SpectSofts newest system, which debuts at an upcoming Southern California demo in November offers the ability to take in dual SDI streams, mix them and feed them out DVI/HDMI or Dual SDI. This offers users the ability to drive a variety of display solutions, both 3D and standard along with other SDI devices, all simultaneously. The 2 incoming SDI streams can be from any source and can be either discreet eyes (right and left eye) or a single SDI stream that can contain both eyes combined in a variety of configurations (side by side, over under, etc.).

“The biggest difference between our standard version of 3d Live and the new Pro version is the SDI in and out, along with an expanded tool-set for the professional needs”, comments Ramona Howard, President of SpectSoft. “We have worked with many of the well know 3D facilities and individuals to build in tools that made sense for both a post workflow as well as a production one, thus allowing them to bridge the gap. Many of these facilities are doing both the production and the post, therefore we wanted to give them one tool they could use everywhere”.

3d Live Pro adds in frame accurate SDI out, monitoring and adjustments, machine control and meta-data capture. The ability to adjust parallax, apply vertical adjustments, monitor RGB streams from each eye, and bring in any stream/s and spit out any stream/s in a variety of 3D and standard formats. 3d Live is being used for:

* Setting up cameras
* Monitoring image quality of live streams
* Monitoring stereo assurance of live streams
* QC of already created/captured material
* Creating in real-time stereo images from dual streams (discreet eyes)
* Creating in real-time discreet eyes from existing stereo image formats
* Creating in real-time stereo images from other stereo image formats
* Adjusting stereo images – Real-time frame accurate image adjustment (per frame)

“We just finished renting your 3d Live for the first time last month, with outstanding results. Our client used it for a low budget feature, their previous 3D experience hadn’t gone so well, so we were concerned. Their response was beyond our best hopes. They got more than twice the setups they had done previously. The producers felt they were seeing what they were getting better than ever, all because of 3d Live. Last week, we completed our own production, and we all confirmed what our rental client told us. 3d Live is a terrific product. Speeds up the work. Keeps people on set in the loop. You could not have delivered a better product.” comments Bernie Laramie, StereoScope Studios.

SpectSoft will be showing off 3d Live at an upcoming demo in Burbank. The demos are open to all who are interested. Details are:

November 10
727 N. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Private demos can be made by contacting SpectSoft direct.

About SpectSoft – SpectSoft, LLC
The brainchild of a mother and son team, was founded in 1997 to serve the film, media, and broadcast industries. Since its inception, SpectSoft has worked on technical projects with some of the industries biggest and brightest companies and continue to push the envelope and further the state of the art in the film pipeline process. Throughout the years, SpectSoft has been able to maintain a relatively small footprint and the family values and ownership that make it so unique. http://www.spectsoft.com