PIXELLEXIS Powers Next Generation Parallel Processors with Ambric® Silicon

New technology will solve many compute-intensive problems – Initial target is eliminating JPEG 2000 and 4K processing bottlenecks

Montreal, CanadaJuly 22, 2008PIXELLEXIS SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES has announced that it will use the TeraOPS-class Ambric® massively parallel processing array (MPPA) chip for its new RedBrixTM and RedCardTM products. The two companies are initially collaborating to bring a real-time HD Motion JPEG 2000 codec solution to market, with expectations of broader offerings in the future.

Stefany Allaire Pixellexis CEO & Founder comments, “We’re very excited about the alliance with Ambric®. We have incorporated their chips into our solutions and realized a 5 fold increase in computational density. A single Ambric® chip has 336 energy efficient processors that are ideal for advanced video processing on our new platforms. Additionally, their software and tools have cut our time to market by more than half.

RedBrixTM and RedCardTMwill be available in the fall of 2008.”

RedBrixTM, a 2RU parallel processor appliance, can be attached to your workstation via a PCIe cable with 10Gbps bandwidth, or installed in your IT center. With 4 Ambric® chips, more than 1,300 processors and 4 TeraOPS are utilized for compute-intense applications. RedBrixTM is designed to speed up workstations and infrastructure where conventional multi-core processors are inadequate. Applications that can be assisted by such a product are HD JPEG 2000 codec, and high resolution (4K) image processing. RedCardTM as the name suggests, is a half-length, 15 W, 4-lane PCI Express cardinstalled directly in a workstation. It features a single Ambric® MPPA device and dramatically improves the local performance of the workstation without the need to expand the IT infrastructure.

Complete details of RedBrixTM and RedCardTM will be appearing on the Pixellexis web site shortly, www.pixellexis.com

About Pixellexis Systems & Technologies – Pixellexis is keen to provide its customers with environmentally friendly products that don’t deplete the Earth’s resources. As market leaders they provide parallel processing and graphics integration solutions to professionals across a range of industries for applications including video editing, compression & decompression and other areas where fast processing is required. Pixellexis has developed and manufactured a water cooled parallel processing solution that (because of its super cool running temperature) negates the need for current levels of air conditioning thus saving the client valuable dollars as well as giving the environment a break. The company is dedicated to providing client satisfaction through direct support and a long-term commitment to helping them achieve their individual vision. For more information, visit Pixellexis on the web at www.pixellexis.com