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All presets are available here. The links below are no longer functional.

Thanks to the DS-List, we've added too many presets for one page to hold and the presets are now divided into individual category pages for easier browsing.

(Note: Where known, the DS version for the preset is noted in the file name. If the appropriate version is not known, then the preset is placed in the most likely area. As with everything else in the DSWiki, feel free to add to these pages.)

Presets on DS are "forward-compatible." Here's a note from Tony Jover:

If the plugins are compatible then it will work. It will definitely work on the DS side.

All of the plugin manufacturers - Speed Six, Genarts, and The Foundry have upgraded their plugs over the years and a v3 Tinder preset will not work with a v4 Tinder installation for instance. Sapphire 32 bit and 64 bit are compatible, but not Sapphire v1 and Sapphire v2.

I generally only share presets that are native DS for the above reasons. I also like to work out how to achieve an effect on DS instead of using a plug - it's always faster to process and it's an interesting exercise. For instance, there's nothing in Anvil that can't be achieved with native DS effects (even though I used to like Anvil effects for their simplicity before I became an ex-Foundry customer).

DS v10 Tutorial Presets

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DS Presets LOOKS page

DS Presets KEYING page

DS Presets SPECIAL FX page

DS Presets UTILITIES page

DS Presets AUDIO page

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