DSWiki: MXF/Firewire Hack FAQ

MXF/Firewire Hack FAQ

(DS_List_JH_6.07.07) (also listed under Useful Software/Utilities) WARNING!!! Use this at your own risk!!

Q: I have an AFE and MXF material on a firewire drive that was consolidated from an Xpress Pro - How do I get the DS to link to it?

A: Import the AFE into the DS with External Tape Names checked.

To configure the firewire drive, first choose the UL320 as the adapter in the DS storage configuration.

Secondly, there is a registry hack for Terrablock which changes the way firewire drives are handled by the OS. They are no longer considered removable drives, which DS does not like.

Here is the doc from Terrablock - if you can understand this then ...

"Windows XP - ReadOnly volumes appear to Windows XP as removable disks,
and this label will
be applied to the volumes in My Computer. ReadOnly volumes will be
accessible to all
applications that can work with removable volumes. ReadOnly volumes when
mounted on the
Windows XP system will display characteristics of true read-only drives,
such that writes
attempted will cause the Windows OS to display an error stating the
drive is write-protected.

The ReadOnly volumes will behave as OS-filtered write-protected
removable drives to any
application running on Windows XP. Because of this certain applications
are not compatible with
default ReadOnly volumes. Facilis includes compatibility keys in the
Windows TerraBlock
Manager folder. The "Full Compatibility" registry key should be launched
on any XP system that
does not support removable media for active storage. This procedure
should be activated on any
Avid DS or Nitris client running on the Windows XP platform. The "True
ReadOnly" key should be
launched to revert a client back to default state from full compatibility. "

Here are the reg keys and a tiny bit of the doc. (Reg Keys Hack)

WARNING!!! Use these at your own risk!!

(Thanks to Jef Huey and others)

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