Here are some links to software application websites that may be of some use to DS users. Montreal generally recommends against installing unapproved 3rd party apps onto DS workstations, so use them wisely and at your own risk. (updated 6.13.07)
Also, check out the DS Support site for more useful utilities.


Adobe's Photoshop

(added 07.19.2007 MH)
If you are working with Photoshop CS1 or CS2, there are pre-defined presets for working with standard video.
In the menu, pull down File>New… and then in the resulting box, choose Film/Video from the Presets, then choose the one that relates to what you are using from the following list:

The settings that are correct for NTSC are 720x486 / 0.9 Pixel Aspect Ratio
The settings that are correct for PAL are 720x576 / 1.07 Pixel Aspect Ratio.

Audio/Video Converters

MPEG Streamclip (DS_list_MR_2.21.07)
MPEG Streamclip is a powerful video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. It can play many movie files, not only MPEGs; it can convert MPEG files between muxed/demuxed formats for authoring; it can encode movies to many formats, including iPod; it can cut, trim and join movies.
(note: Mac and Windows XP versions available. No mention of XP 64bit compatibility )
(note - Mar 27/10: It appears to run Windows 7 Pro (64bit) without issue.)

RAYLIGHT (DS_List_MH_02.14.2008)
RAYLIGHT is an HD codec for Windows that is compatible with the Panasonic HVX200 camera. It will work with any application that supports VfW (Video for Windows) and allows native, real-time editing of DVCPRO-HD DVCPRO50, DV and other formats. RAYLIGHT also comes with a simple application called RayMaker which converts MXF files from the camera's P2 card into Raylight AVI, which can be used with DS. RAYLIGHT can also be used as an intermediate (editing) codec for HDV cameras (please see their website). There is a demo version. The full version costs $195.00 (USD).

TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress (DS List 08.18.2007)
Take almost any video file and encode it to your desired file format including DivX 6 AVI, QuickTime, MPEG 4-ISO, H.264, DVD-Video, DVD-VR, HDV camcorder, and more.
Note: This software uses a license verification system (L.E.A.P.System) which requires Internet Connection. After the first installation of the software, the license validation (activation) will be processed when you start the application. Then it will be processed periodically from time to time thereafter. What this means is that even if your DS has an Internet connection, unless you use the software frequently enough that it's running when it needs to reactivate or during the "grace period" then the software will deactivate and you may need to repurchase it if it decides that it no longer will accept the license string. (DS List RT 05.18.2007)
(Windows only. XP 64 Compatible) (DS List TJ 05.19.2007)

On2 Flix Software for Adobe Flash 8 and 9 (added 07.11.2007 from List MH)
Various software applications working on both PC and Mac platforms that create FLV files. You'll need a decoder to check your work.

From within other applications, you can download the free VP 6 codec:
Free Codecs (VP 6 Page)
VP6 is a high-quality, low bitrate video compression codec that can be used as a plug-in within any video processing application that is capable of utilizing third party codecs. The codec is free for personal/non-commercial use.

Within Cleaner the settings are:
Macromedia Flash Encoder for Flash Player 8 (you will already have this option but it will be limited in codecs and will most likely limit you to Sorenson 3 only)

Codec: On2 VP6
Video Data Rate: 400kps
Audio: mpeg layer 3 (mp3) @96kps
Frame Rate: 30
Size to 320X240

You may have to start you encode by choosing QuickTime, then changing the settings to FLV. Videos look pretty good and could look better if you crank up the data rate to something like 900. Don’t forget, you will most likely need a FLV player of some sort (a decoder so to speak) or you won’t have any way to look at your videos once you have encoded them.

The latest version of TMPGEnc4.0 Xpress (released 07-2007) will convert FLVs into something more easily digested by DS. Unfortunately it doesn't convert TO an FLV, but a decent converter FROM them is always useful.

Downloadable Goodies

Cine-Byte Digital Framing Grids (DS_list_DS_4.12.07)
Download 2K, HD, NTSC, & PAL framing grids from Cine-Byte Digital.
You may be wise to check with whomever is doing the filmout in case their
systems are different... (Cine-Byte uses an Arri Lazer, don't know how a
LazerGrafic's or the ancient Celco handles cut-off)
(note: this isn't a software download, but this page seems like the best fit for these grids. DT_4.12.07)


O & O Defrag (DT_1.22.07)
Whether you defragment your drives or don't de-fragment your drives is still up for discussion, but many who do defrag, report that O & O is a good choice.
(note: the current version, v8.5Pro, supports XP 64-bit and Vista - 1.22.07)

Acronis True Image 10 (DS_list_BM_1.23.07)
Make a copy of your hard disk. This is the "Home" version, but the "Workstation" version may be better for large facilities.
(note: ATI Home v10, supports XP 64-bit and Vista - DT_1.24.07)

O&O Disk Image 2 DS_list_MH_11.07.2007)
Can perform either an incremental imaging or just as easily image an entire system. It works with either 32 or 64-bit Windows XP and supports Vista, should Avid move to that OS. It is recommended by Jim Fink of New Century Digital Media but he has not booted from a restored system at this writing.

Symantec Ghost (DS_list_MH_5.16.07)
Backup and recovery for PCs. (note: not sure of XP64 status yet) NB: Symantec's tools in general have been deprecated in people's experience. It is recommended that one not use their tools.

With the HP Recovery and Backup Manager, future releases of DS will instead use this option to create the operating system backup copies and your own recovery images. The nicer aspect of this process is that you will make the image that FITS your setup perfectly, down to licensing, plug-ins and any applications that you add to your system. And at any time you can update your recovery image if you change your setup.
(DS_List_SL_05.17.07) Presumably this is for versions above 8.0 or newer.

Note: The HP Recovery and Backup Manager apparently does not work in XP 64-bit. HP technical support seems to be very confused about this and does not offer real support.

Terrablock Registry keys that will allow you to set up a Terrablock as a read-only space from which to share media for several DSs. Warning!! Please use this at your own risk! This is a Zipped file that contains Readme documents. (also presented in FAQ format here)

DIY DataRecovery's Disk Patch is a professional DOS based data recovery utility that recovers data by repairing corrupt disk structures, like the partition tables, 'in-place'. It runs from a self-starting floppy disk or CD/DVD so even if you cannot start up your computer, you can run it. It also offers a powerful disk clone feature that allows you to clone disks even when 'conventional' disk cloning software fails due to disk read errors or logical errors. (Credit to JoshB at Crosspoint added 01.05.2008)

gBurner is very useful for creating DVDs and also dealing with .ISO files on DVDs to create a DVD copy on one of your drives, which is a lot faster, sometimes, than installing software from an actual DVD.

EDL Conversion

Automatic Duck (DS_list_MH_1.25.07)
Use this to reliably translate from Final Cut Pro to Avid Symphony, Media Composer and DS
Also useful for getting OMF files for audio work out of Final Cut Pro.

EDL Trace applications

(added 07.09.2007)

Edit Lister and Edit Tracker
NB: This application works with EDL, not with OMF or AFE.
This is a MS-DOS application that looks just like a CMX edit screen that will allow you to edit any details in an edit list, including reel names, timecodes, type of transition and drop-frame versus non drop-frame for the record VTR. EDL Trace will allow you to trace back as many as 15 generations of master tapes.

NB: There are two versions of this application, one for EDL, the other adding OMF and ALE.
EDLMax24 is a complete EDL management application for format translation, editing and manipulation, cleaning, optimization, and frame-rate conversion between 30, 25, and 24fps. EDLMaxPro adds OMF and ALE management to the EDL features of EDLMax24, providing conversion between EDL, OMF, and ALE. The unique OMF to Multi-EDL feature automatically creates EDLs from selected tracks of an OMF. You can download a trial version of EDLMax. Purchase price for EDL Max24 is $599 and the price of EDLMaxPro is $899.

Files and Folders

GoodSync (DS_list_TI_1.17.07)
Use this to clone your project directory and schedule it to sync when you're away.

Opus8 (DS_list_BM_1.17.07)
Another software app that helps you sync your folders.

Unlocker (DS_list_TI_1.17.07)
Software app that unlocks files or folders even when "access is denied" or the "file is in use."
(note: Tony J. reports that this app doesn't work on XP64 - 1.18.07)

IrfanView (DS_List_MS_6.12.07)
IrfanView is graphic viewer for Windows which, among other things, allows batch conversion of files.
(note: reported to work with XP64-bit)

File Renamer from DS Support (DS_List_SS_6.12.07)
File renaming tool from the DS Support site. Very nice. (other tools and a file renamer help file found here)

SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features,Transfer resuming,Copy speed control,Copy speed computation ,Better copy progress display, Copy list editable while copyin , Error log, Copy list saving/loading,...


Transtype Pro 3 (DS_list_PM _KH_1.24.07)
From the Fontlab website: "Our universal font converter allows you to convert practically any font into any other format on Mac and PC ." (note: XP 64-bit is not specifically listed on their spec sheet for versions of Windows - DT_1.24.07)

CrossFont (DS_list_JH_1.24.07)
From the Acute Systems website: "Convert TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms ." (note: Windows version only. Also, XP 64-bit is not specifically listed on their spec sheet for versions of Windows, but Vista is - DT_1.24.07)

TransType's Fontographer (DS List TE 01/09/2009)
I have seen DS not recognize the typeface "family" correctly. My remedy was to use Fontographer to open the font - change the attributes to a "Normal" typeface and resave and then DS saw the face correctly. This seems to be true more with Truetype faces than with Open Face type.
In those cases, the Windows "Font Viewer" displayed the face correctly, but it was not seen in the DS font listing.

There is no indication that Fontographer works on Windows XP 64. From their website: Fontographer 4.1.5 for Windows specifications: Any Pentium-class computer with 16 MB RAM and a hard drive, Windows 95, 98, NT. Users may experience problems with Windows 2000, ME, XP or Vista.

Screen Capture/Recorders

Camtasia Studio (added_4.27.07)
Screen Recorder and video editor from TechSmith.

CamStudio (added_4.27.07)
Free Screen Recorder software.

Captivate (added_4.27.07)
Adobe's Screen Recorder software.

A Popular Screen Capture software from TechSmith.

Undelete and File Recovery

Restorer 200 Pro 3.3 (added 11.07.07)
From the website: "the complete professional solution for your data recovery needs." (I could not find a reference to support of Win XP 64-bit)

R-Studio (added 11.07.07)
From the website: " R-Studio is a family of powerful and cost-effective undelete and data recovery software." (It does appear to support XP 64-bit [GPT partition layout schema support. This schema is used in 64-bit Windows OS.], but I'll need to do further research)

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