Useful Software

Here are a listing of some helpful applications and plug-ins for DS. (added 5.09.07)


Links to plug-ins that work with the DS.

NB: Plug-ins that were built for Avid DS 10.0 to 10.1.2 will not work with Avid DS 10.2 or 10.3.
Plug-ins that were built for Avid DS 10.2 will work with Avid DS 10.3.

Avid DS SDK plug-ins

ARRI (ARRIRaw Avid Plugin for Avid DS 10.3)
GenArts (Monsters and Raptors) formerly from Speedsix.
There is some confusion as to which versions work with which DS. The correct versions of Monsters are:
Imagica Digix (Primatte) and (O-gi)
For anyone using Primatte with DSv10.2/10.3, the correct version is PrimatteWEBv40_ds10.2. You will also need a new license key, as the previous keys for DS 10.0 and 10.1 will not work with that version.
Foundry Anvil, Furnace, Keylight and Tinder

AVX plug-ins

Avid DS 10.2 introduces support for AVX 2.0. Versions prior to 10.2 support AVX 1.0 only.
Boris FX (Boris Continuum Complete for DS version 10.2 and above)
GenArts (Sapphire)
Please note: AVX2 plugins' thumbnails no longer display the useful example image preview. This is supposed to be fixed with a release after DS v 10.3

OFX plug-ins

The Foundry for DS version 10.3 and above.

Avid DS-Native Plugins

Compatibility Prior to DS v. 10:

All of the plugin manufacturers - Speed Six, Genarts, and The Foundry have upgraded their plugs over the years and a v3 Tinder preset will not work with a v4 Tinder installation for instance. Sapphire 32 bit and 64 bit are compatible, but not Sapphire v1 and Sapphire v2.

On a 64 bit OS Plugins must be 64 bit AVX1 effects. Currently that means Sapphire, Sapphire, or Sapphire.

For a Software-only DS running on 32 bit then any 32 bit AVX1 effects can be used (like BCC1 as well as Sapphire).

VSTs plugins all need to be compiled for 64-bit and there are not too many of those. This will change as more people will want 64-bit versions.

The VST2 support in DS 10 is not quite 100% several commercial plugins either do not behave or do not work at all. It is best to try before you buy if you are considering a VST2 plugin.

(Thanks to Bob Maple and David Tarr).

Installation when you upgrade

(Case Study, Ironik Design and Post)
Going from v8 to v10, you will need new licenses for some. Are you changing your hardware or going 32bit to 64bit? I have Genarts Sapphire and SpeedSix Monsters. With Genarts, all I had to do was download the 64bit install, then uninstall from my previous workstation since I was changing hardware, and install the 64bit version on the new setup. Registration online validated the license that was released from my uninstall of the old box. For SpeedSix, I had to request a new license altogether and there is a transfer fee if it's a new workstation, though if you're a long time and valued customer, they may waive that fee. For a hardware change, you have to fill out a license transfer form with them as well.

It is unnecessary to uninstall/reinstall plugins for QFE's, but for version upgrades it is. Licensing requirements/costs vary between vendors. Current 10.0 users have to do a complete uninstall of their plugins before upgrading to 10.1

(Thanks to Sean Stall and Sean B)


Helpful utilities for the DS

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