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Declan MacErlane - Online Editor/Colourist/Compositor - Australia


Phone: 0481315373
I am a senior online editor with 16 years post production experience and 13 years Avid DS experience incorporating Mocha & Fusion, including being a fully qualified Avid Certified Instructor, Beta tester and demo artist.
Available to travel.

William Newell - Avid DS | Symphony | After Effects (London - UK)
Mob: +447764 752526
Email: will@williamnewell.co.uk
Showreel: www.williamnewell.co.uk
SD + HD short-form and long-form online projects. Editor, colourist, compositor, visual effects, graphics fixing, de-rigging + wire removal. Motion graphics experience. After Effects. Over 8 year's broadcast experience on DS + Avid.
Available to travel.

David José Romero - Avid Ds Artist / Senior editor
(Avid Ds / Avid Symphony Nitris / Avid Media Composer / Avid Unity)
Miami, Florida, United States
Telephone: 786.399.0921
Over 31 years of experience in Broadcast in lineal and non-lineal editing system
Middle English

Néstor Moreno - Avid DS | Symphony | After Effects
54 9261 4547484
Avid DS Artist +10 years experience
bilingual english/spanish - available to travel worldwide

Ronen Aminoff (Available to travel)
Avid DS Artist
Based in Jrusalem \ TLV ,Israel
+972 54 7586866 | raminoff@gmail.com
DS experience working in HD & SD. Commercials, cinema & TV.
Online\Offlline Editing, VFX, keying, Compositing, Color Correcting & Motion Graphics.
My 2011 Showreel

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James Johnson - Avid DS

Based in London, U.K.
Phone: +44 7715 113056
Check out my website for showreel, credit list & further info: www.videoeditor.me.uk
Email: JamesTheEditor@videoeditor.me.uk
Also available for AVID offline/online & FCP.

Michael Forrest
1608 Argyle Suite 101
Hollywood, CA 90028
(343) 393-0346
Avid DS Artist / Trainer since 1997
Avid DS / Metafuze Forum Moderator
Specializing in: HD & SD Feature Film Marketing, Color Correction and VFX,
Creative Editorial, Long Format Conform & Finishing.
I travel worldwide with or without a mobile DS V10x Long & short term project availability.
For bio and list of credits, please check out my company website. www.postboxpost.com

Gustavo Lage - Avid DS - 3D Artist
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
54 11 155 123 2878
Over 15 years of television experience ( 7 years of DS experience ).

Luc Bellerive | Senior Avid DS Artist | ( 11 years of DS experience )
(Available to travel) Based in Montreal - Canada
Mobile: +1 514 424-8885 or +1 450 616-5888
Mail: lbellerive@yahoo.co.nz
Commercials, TV Series, Broadcast Design, Films, Long Form... VFX, Compositing, Color Correcting, Design, Online Editing (HD - SD - 2k - DI - RED)

Abboud Hassouneh
Mob: +971 50 8679419
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
E-mail: bigabou@hotmail.com
Avid DS Artist / Trainer
Editing,Visual Effects, keying, Composting, Color Correcting, Design, Online Editing

Kevin Dobson (Available to travel)
Avid DS Artist
London, UK
+44 7717 312 134
7 years DS experience working in HD & SD. Commercials, cinema & TV.
Email: kd@kevindobson.co.uk
Web: www.kevindobson.co.uk

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Shadi Abu Sharar (Available to Travel)====== ======Dubai - UAE====== ======Cel. +971-50-2711136====== ======E-mail. shadims@hotmail.com============
  • 15 Years of Experiance in VFX and Compositing.
  • Avid DS HD Artist Editor-Compositor-Color Grader.
  • Discreet Smoke Artist Compseting & Editing.
  • Experienced in Channels Branding.
Showreel Available on request.

Bobby Calautti (available to travel)
21 Hampshire Road Unit 307
Methuen, MA 01844
Worked for Avid supporting DS Equinox and Nitris for four years.
Also available for editing.
Cell 781-859-8422

PABLO SASTRE ---- Avid DS Artist - Avid DS Certified (A.C.I.) Available to travel
Based in Madrid & Viena.
11 years DS experience.
Avid DS Editor-Compositor-Color Grading/Avid Media Composer/Avid Symphony
SD,HD,2K,4K,REDONE projects, Visual Effects, Keying, Compositing, Color Grading, Online-Offline Editing.
Expert in Avid & Redone Workflows.
Demoreel at http://vimeo.com/11987051

David Kitel
+33 6 13 58 81 61
Avid DS Artist (since v2.1)
available to travel.

Greg Steinbrecher
Chicago / Midwest
(847) 363-0442
Avid DS Artist / MC Adrenaline / D.P.
Available for local and travel engagements.
Long form, short form, Broadcast, Internet, etc
For reel, please see:

Josh Luddeni
Avid User Certified, DS 101, CS 100, CS 101, CS 200
Avid DS Artist / MC / Symphony / Colorist / Online Editor
For reel and contact infomation, please see:

Mark Hollis
42 Fairfield Avenue
Newington, CT 06111
(917) 374-1248
Avid Certified, DS 101, 201 and 301.
SD ad HD projects. Extensive knowledge of the 3D DVE.
Available for Connecticut, NYC and travel engagements.
For reel, please see:
On YouTube
on Dot Mac

Nacho Orozco
Madrid, SPAIN
(+34) 686 454 405
Avid DS Artist / Symphony Nitris
12 years experience in Music Videos, Commercials, Features and Television.
5 years of DS , Visual Effects, keying, Compositing, Color Correcting, Design,Online Editing
eml: ignaorozco@gmail.com
url: http://personales.ya.com/distorted/

Miguel Gómez( available to travel)

Owner/Operator: Avid DS Nitris/Avid Symphony Nitris
(available for on-site rental)
Avid DS Artist /Media composer/AE / Final Cut ( 12 years of DS experience )
VFX, keying, Compositing, Color Correcting, Design, Online Editing,HD-SD-2k.DI.
15 years experience corporate,commercial,broadcast, television, films, music videos...


Madrid, SPAIN
For reel & contact:

Sean E. Stall
46 Lincoln Ave.
Ardsley, NY 10502
(646) 279-8808
Avid DS Artist / Trainer
Specializing in: HD & SD Commercial work, Sports promos and features,
Offline to Online, Long Format Conform & Finishing.
I travel worldwide with or without my own DS V8.0. Long & short term project availability.
For my bio and more information, please check out my company website.

Kenneth Bonde (available to travel)
Odense, Denmark, Europe
Avid DS HD Editor-Compositor-Color Grader
[+45] 50 47 57 68 (Mobile)
[+45] 66 13 32 62 (Home)
Website: www.vizfx.net
Showreel: www.vizfx.net/showreel kenneth@vizfx.net

Bill Pollock
Los Angeles, CA
DS Owner and Freelance Artist/Editor
Available for travel and system rental.
email: poll0022@hotmail.com

Schy Gleason
Seattle WA
(206) 915-7174
Editor & Avid DS Artist
HD & SD Commercial work, Promotions, features, documentary
Offline to Online, Long Format Conform & Finishing.
available to travel
Please find more information at.

Evan Guidera
Avid DS Artist
Visual Effects, Compositing, Beauty, Color Correcting, Design, Online Editing
Los Angeles/Santa Monica, California, USA
(310) 339 7369
Extensive knowledge of all formats SD, HD, and 2K
5 years of DS experience in Music Videos, Commercials, Features and Television.
BFA in Fine Arts
Available for travel.
eml: e.guidera@gmail.com
url: www.guide-era.com
Reel: Evan Guidera Reel

Max Burgess
London, England
+44 (0) 7884 367 363
Media Composer & Avid DS
HD & SD. Conform, grade, graphics and compositing.
available to travel
Showreel on request

Chadi Nassrallah
Doha, Qatar
+974 5 973594
Avid DS Artist
Avid Certified, DS 201 and 301.
SD ad HD projects, Visual Effects, keying, Compositing, Color Correcting, Design, Online Editing

Daniel Birnbaum
Dallas TX (available to travel)
Owner/Operator: Avid DS Nitris (available for on-site rental)
Freelance Operator: Avid DS, Symphony, Adrenaline, FCP, smoke
For reel & contact: www.edit28.com

Somar Jbawi
Offline/Online MCA & DS senior film editor, Compositor, VFX & Colorist
HD, 2K and 4K DI finishing Artist
Avid Symphony Certified 201,301
Damascus, Syria
(Available to travel worldwide)
Mobile: (+963) 933 85 11 86

CARLOS ESPINOSA (available to travel)
Avid DS Artist
Visual Effects, Compositing, Color Correcting
Also available for editing in mc and Avid Symphony Offline/Online MCA & DS senior film editor
mail: carlosespinosanitris@gmail.com

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Jess Bushyhead
Los Angeles, CA
Cell: 818-749-6900
Avid DS & Sympony Nitris Online / Media Composer Offline
HD & SD Episodic Television offline, online & color, Feature Film Conform
Documentary (25 years experience with NBC News, CBS News & ABC News)
Available to travel

Neil Stuart
London U.K.
0780 435 7727
Avid DS Nitris Artist, Conform, Grade, VFX, Compositing
Long and Short Form, SD, HD

Craig Gordon (New York)
Long Island, NY
Sr. Editor AVID DS / Offline / Online / Color Correct / Telecine / Symphony
HD - SD - Data, long format, commercial, broadcast or corporate
23 - years experience and growing.

Bart Verraest
Film/HD colorist
specialised in Avid DS Nitris/Baselight/Nucoda/Assimilate Scratch/AdobeAE/Final Cut Pro
available worldwide

Tim Hitchen
Sydney, Australia
Senior DS and Symphony Operator.
Long Form, Short Form, Commercials.
Over 25 years of television experience.
Find freelancers here:
Terrance Vails ( available to travel throughout U.S. and internationally)
Owner/Creative Editor: Avid DS, FCP, AVID, AE, Motion...
Epiphany Editorial
Metro Detroit, Michigan
Contact info:
Avid DS Artist ( 15 years of DS experience )
Offline/Online editing, Keying, Compositing, Color Correcting, Design, HD-SD.
19 years experience commercial,corporate, broadcast, television, films, music videos...

Sean Meyers (Burbank, CA )
~ Avid DS Nitris Instructor / Freelance DS Nitris Artist ( Willing to travel )
Creative Editorial- Type Design- Motion Design - 2D/3D Compositing - all aspects of DS
7+ years Experience
Email: avidsean@gmail.com
Mobile: 213-935-0434

JEFFREY MAY (available to travel)
London, UK and Houston, TEXAS
Avid DS Artist
SD,HD,2K,4K,REDONE, VFX, keying, Compositing, Color Grading, Design, Online Editing

RAFAEL BONILLA (Bogota, colombia)
Avid Ds Artist

Colorista, Editor y composicion
10 años de experiencia en postproduccion de tv en distintos campos como animacion 3d composicion digital y colorizacion,
durante los ultimos 5 años me he desempeñado como colorista y montajista para comerciales de television en Ds apoyado en software para 3d como maya.

+57 1 479 89 84
+57 320 451 80 22 Iphone


JP Davidson (London, UK)
Avid Ds, Assimilate Scratch, Symphony, Media Composer, FCP, After FX.

Over 15 years experience working as a colourist, VFX artist and On/Offline Editor in long and short form, feature films, documentaries, music and broadcast television. Proficient on DS Nitris, Assimilate Scratch, Symphony, Media Composer, After FX and Final Cut Pro. Have worked on many projects at renowned facilities involving complex graphics, compositing, grading and editing.

+44 (0) 7968 742 049


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