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Welcome to the DSWiki! This site is designed to be a collaborative workspace primarily for members of the DS List. Think of it as a website where everyone can easily add their own content.

Remember to download and back up Avid DS installers and patches before November 1, 2013:

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Special Notice:
Avid has recently reorganized its own website to help DS users find fixes to common problems. While the wiki is helpful and does have non-Avid solutions, many of the questions we face may be answered in a search query atAvid's Knowledge Base. We would add a special welcome to those of you who are seeking answers that are specifically not on Avid's knowledge base. Many people have collaborated to make this resource work and to come up with solutions, many not tested or testable by Avid, to particular issues with their DS. For that purpose, we offer
case studies from people who have found novel ways of setting up their DS.

If you have a hardware problem, you may be able to order your part from Avid from their Support website.


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