The Yolie's Last Man Standing Fund

This fund was created to cover the last man, “Just in case we drink too much here’s $10’s to cover the last man standing fund”

With Avids support (thank you!) this year I am happy to announce that $200.00” fund is not needed.

Unfortunately with the crush at the bar and several last minute attendees the “piece of paper” of who gave $10 “cover” is gone.

For those of you that chipped in let me know your address so that I can send it to you immediately or I would be happy to put your portion in with Tony Jovers $’s request toward cancer research, the suggestion is -Livestrong (Lance Armstrong).

Liz Boyer Put mine with Tone's
Woody Sherman Mine too
Ed Fraticelli Same here. Good idea. Anyway, I already expensed it away!! Maybe the DS User Group will become a charitable foundation, someday.
Victor Wolansky Mine too.
Sean Stall Donate mine as well. Great idea, Tone.
Dermot Shane Me too
Randall Rike Sounds good
Timothy Duncan Megga Ditto for me on the donation.
Randall L. Rike Sounds good.

external image ecard_inhonor.jpg
A generous contribution
In Honor of
Giving DS Users
has been made by Giving DS Folks
May you feel a sense of comfort in knowing this contribution will help the Lance Armstrong Foundation continue to support cancer survivorship programs and provide the practical information and tools people with cancer need to live life on their own terms.
May 2009