Vinko Bogataj:

Vinko Bogataj was born and raised in Slovenia. Son to a butcher and handmaiden, Vinko was schooled in a one-room schoolhouse where he learned accounting using an abacus. As he journeyed out into the world, he discovered his true love for the moving picture. Begging, borrowing and working for scraps, Vinko put enough money together to purchase his first Avid DS. Film after film, Vinko edited away. Long form, short form, he did it all. Through the years, Vinko earned enough at his trade to provide for his parents and raise a family of his own. Now, Vinko finds that his one true love, the vehicle that brought him from obscurity to infamy, might very well be going away. But Vinko, a man with strong beliefs and an even stronger will, is determined to keep the dream alive. A staunch advocate of Avid's DS, Vinko now travels selflessly throughout the worldwide web spreading the word that DS lives! There's only one problem though, the very people Vinko is trying to help are now trying to bring him down. Follow Vinko's journeys as he tirelessly stumps for that which has brought him greatness. Through agony, comes defeat. Through triumph, comes victory. Long live Vinko Bogataj. Long live Avid DS Gclub.

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