By Igor Ridanovic


Instacrap and Instacrap_P simulate the faded dye look and other imperfections of vintage snapshots. I created the effect in response to frequent client requests to simulate the look of Instagram filters. Instacrap and Instacrap_P are identical in operation except that the "P" version includes Polaroid frame simulation. The Instacrap_P preset is larger in size due to inclusion of scanned Polaroid frames. The scans are unique and clear for commercial use.


Apply Instacrap as a clip effect to a video clip or still image. Select the effect to open the custom controls.

Control Parameters

Magenta and Cyan

Magenta and Cyan controls simulate dye fade. When in "0" position the color balance is not affected.


Controls the image contrast.


Simulates in-camera exposure.


Saturation sets the image saturation level.


A small amount of defocus can simulate poor optics of an old camera..


Vignette controls darkens the image corners.

Glow Amount, Width and Threshold

Image contrast is enhanced (Threshold), image is then blurred (Width) and is composited over itself using Soft Light transfer mode (Glow Amount). Glow helps smooth sharp edges of modern cameras and reduce a digital feel.

Grain Density, Size

These two controls simulate grainy film. Due to the way DS Fractal Noise Generator works, DS must render the full length of the noise pattern, even when the Fractal Noise is not animated. If applying the same Grain Size to multiple images, you can speed up the processing:
  1. Apply a dummy Instacrap preset over a black clip longer than any of the final clips
  2. Open the effect tree
  3. Render the cache node connected to the Fractal Generator

Light Spill, Density

Light Spill control simulates flashed film. You can circle through six presets. "0" position turns spill off. The spill is designed to work with landscape orientation, but you can easily modify any spill strokes if you expand the Light Spill Module in the tree. The density control sets the amount of spill applied.


This parameter is available in Instacrap_P preset only. It cycles through three custom scanned distressed Polaroid picture frames.
"0" position turns the Polaroid simulation off.

Download and Installation

Download not available yet.

Copy the presets to the location where you keep your custom DS presets. Typically, a custom location may look like: