DS Corporate Video Credits

An Avid DS was used in the making of the projects listed below. (back to DSCredits)

Starbucks 2007 Brand Video

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Training Modules 2000 - 2007

The Home Depot Employee Orientation Video 2004-2006 - This 45-minute program in five modules integrated client-supplied archival footage with new material of executives and associates. The archival footage was from a multitude of formats and sources, shot over a long period of time with a wide variety of "looks." The new material was shot with two cameras - Panasonic Varicam (which was downconverted to Digibeta) and Sony PD-150 (anamorphic SD) - in studio sessions and on location in-store. The DS challenge was to bring some sense of unity to this wide range of material. The project was initially offlined in FinalCut Pro with EDL transfer into DS, but a change in client personnel meant major revisions took place well into the online phase. 3D DVE was used to create interstitials of the Home Depot "Values Wheel." Since the program was to be used across North America, versions were completed in English (for U.S. and Canada), French (Canada), and two versions in Spanish (Mexico and Puerto Rico).

Panasonic NAB Presentation - 2006 - 2007, Both presentations use a multi screen format. 2006 Both screens (16x9 HD) oriented side by side with
a distance of 4 inches between. The goal was to hace footage supplied as HDD5, P2, DVCAM, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO100, and other legacy formats
integrate. The magic happens when images and graphics move from screen to screen USING THE SPACE BETWEEN SCREENS. Images do not appear instantly on the ajoining screen. Images and graphics move at different speeds. 2007's presentation utilized one (16x9 HD) screen vertically.