DS Reels

This is the place to take a look at reels from DS'ers around the world. If you want a link to your reel added to the page, you can send me a note( David Tarr ) with your information or you can simply add it to this page yourself. The same applies if you want to be taken off this page or if your info has changed or is incorrect. Thanks. (DT_1.25.07) (updated_Jun 21, 2013 9:27 am)

DS Reels (in alphabetical order)

Pablo Sastre - Spain
e-mail: editpablo@hotmail.com
Reel: Pablo Sastre Demorrel

Brian Bearg - Oregon USA
e-mail: ds_editor@charter.net
Reel: bBearg 2011 Show Reel

Daniel Birnbaum - Texas USA
e-mail: dan@edit28.com
Reel: www.edit28.com

Edgar Febus - Puerto Rico
e-mail: Edgar Febus
Web: Reaktor Post
Reel: Edgar Febus Reel

Henrik Friberg - Dubai, U.A.E
e-mail: henrik [at] sweetandsour.nu
Reel: Henrik Friberg Reel

Schy Gleason - Seattle, Washington, USA
e-mail: Schy
Web: www.schyproductions.com
Reel: Schy Gleason Reel

Ryan Gregory - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
e-mail: Ryan Gregory
Reel: Ryan Gregory Reel

Evan Guidera - Los Angeles/Santa Monica, California, USA
LA Based freelancer with over 5 years of DS experience in Music Videos, Commercials, Features and Television, as well as
a BFA in fine art. Available for travel.
eml: e.guidera@gmail.com
url: www.guide-era.com
Reel: Evan Guidera Reel

John Heiser - Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Reel: John Heiser Reel
email: John Heiser

Mark Hollis - Newington, Connecticut, USA
Working in New York as well as Connecticut.
You can easily find my e-mail address on the DS list in Google's Groups.
Reel: Mark Hollis Show Reel
Ad for ESPN-I using Carlos Robles Flash transition preset

David Kitel - Paris, France
Reel: www.davidkitel.com
e-mail : david@davidkitel.com

Declan MacErlane - Dublin, Ireland
e-mail: dmaxontour@yahoo.com
Reel: Declan MacErlane Reel

Ralph McHugh - London, England
e-mail: ralph.mchugh@sit-up.tv

Will Newell - London, UK
Reel: Will Newell Reel

Dan Pratt - Houston, Texas, USA
Website & Reel: Dan Pratt's Website

Carlos Robles - Alexandria, Virginia, USA
email: Carlos
Reel: Carlos Robles' Editor Reel

Scott Roy - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
e-mail: sroy@seriousrobots.com
Web: www.seriousrobots.com
Reel: Scott Roy Reel

Ross Shain - New York, USA
New York based freelancer available for finishing, compositing, design and training.
Will travel for the right gig!
e-mail: Ross
Reel: Ross Shain Reel

Eric Singer - Medford, OR, USA
Reel: Eric Singer 2013 Show Reel
email: fanboy.films@yahoo.com

Sean Stall - Ardsley, New York, USA
e-mail: Sean
Web: www.ironiknyc.com
Reel: Ironik Reel

Terrance Vails - Detroit,Michigan USA
e-mail: tvails@epiphanyeditorial.com
Web: www.epiphanyeditorial.com
Reel: Terrance Reel

Victor Wolansky - USA
Reel: Victor Wolansky Reel

Kiril Pahlev - Sofia, Bulgaria
e-mail: Kiril
Reel: Not exactly Reel, just pieces from my heart...

Don Days - Boston, Mass
e-mail: Don
Reel: Fixedinpost.com

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