DS Edit Suites from users on the DS list

Above photo submitted by: Miguel Gómez, ENDOR (miguel@endor.tv) - Madrid, Spain, (31/12/2010) forum
arabic channels in usa

Above photo submitted by: John Heiser, O2 ideas - Birmingham, Alabama, USA http://meuble-maroc.blogspot.com (1.18.07)

Above photo submitted by: Sean Stall, Ironik Design and Post - New York City, NY, USA (1.18.07)

Above photo submitted by: Igor Ridanovic, Kappa Studios - Burbank, California, USA (1.18.07)

Above photo submitted by: Shannon Dunn, Sprint Creative Media Services - Overland Park, Kansas, USA (1.18.07)
Shannon says this was taken on a bad day. :-) Actually, click on the link below to view the Quicktime VR that this still was taken from. Once it opens click and drag inside the movie to get a 360 degree view of the edit bay. Very creative, thanks Shannon. EditShan.mov

Above photo submitted by: David Tarr, WFYI - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (1.19.07)

Above photo submitted by: Carlos Robles, Alfa Recordings - San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA (4.27.2007)

Above photo submitted by: Daniel Birnbaum, http://www.edit28.com - Dallas TX (1.15.08)
It doesn't look like much... but I don't have to commute. :)

Above photo submitted by Tony Quinsee-Jover. **www.hdheaven.co.uk**
HD Heaven's Edit 1. I think this picture's pretty lousy, but then I took it myself, so I only have me to blame!
I'll update it as soon as I have the opportunity.


Above photo submitted by Chris Rodgers. www.splicetv.com
It's the minimal look, there is a nice sofa at the back of the room though. And I have a huge 10ft window.....which is usually blacked out for grading !
Shoreditch, London

Above photo submitted by Jim Fink. New Century Digital Media (http://www.NCDM.TV) - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
No edit suite is complete without the classic shirt.

Above photo submitted by Peter Mirecki. Chocolate AVF www.chocolateavf.com.au - Melbourne, Australia
Edit 4, a bit dark maybe, but that's how we like our suites.

Above photo submitted by: Roy Janke, CTV Television Inc. - Toronto, Canada. http://tvmubacher.blogspot.com (24.03.2010)