Custom MC Color Surface Layouts

(added by Igor Ridanovic 01.24.2014)

The stock layout maps for MC Color that ship with DS are very buggy, incomplete and in many cases unsuitable for use. This collection of custom layouts offers major improvements in the following areas:


Download and run CC_Layouts_Install.bat. Alternately, you may download the layouts from

Known Issues

Channels and levels layouts can not be modified. They are functional in the factory state, but the labeling is confusing. Curves layout is useless. Properties from multiple color corrector tabs can not be aggregated on a single page of MC Color, i.e. can't have hue offsets and lift/gamma/gain on the same page. MC Color does not allow preset saving/loading nor copying/pasting. MC Color can not work as a mouse. Certain parameters just don't work.


Bob Maple for the RGB tab layout.

Revised: Jan 24, 2014 6:32 pm