2007 DS Wish List Finalists - Round 2

Organized and compiled by Sean Stall from suggestions and votes on the DS List, this group is Round 2 of the Wish List Finalists. Once these have been selected, the next round will trim the list down to only the top few most wanted features and enhancements. To see the first round of the category finalists, click here and to see the complete, un-filtered list of wishes, click here. (added 4.13.07)(updated 4.23.07)

Round 2 Finalists:

1. Animation Editor Enhancements. A smarter keyframing/animation editor interface that easily and quickly allows the user to see/manipulate all of the keyframes that are relevant at the time across multiple layers and nodes, and eliminate those that aren't. After Effects is pretty good at this. I would love to be able to select any number of nodes in a tree, and bring up an animation editor that shows only the curves for those nodes, and only curves that have user added keyframes in them. Also, it would be great if it were possible to optionally link dual curve parameters such as X and Y scale into a single curve for easier manipulation. (added 4.13.07)

a. Clip Color Scheme for Clips that are Partially Online.
Offline clips are red, maybe these could be a nice blue or yellow or something.
b. Clip Color. A great MC feature that allows quick & really useful organization of stuff. Under User Preferences, allow user to select "Show offline media" and if selected all clips in timeline (not just audio) with missing media show up as red. Also, right-clicking a clip either on the timeline or in a folder should allow you to set clip color with the same sort of color section as the locators. The sub-options here could be for "This Clip", "All instances of This Clip", or "This Source" . Hey, could we maybe even conform clip color from the AFEs as well?
c. Node Color. Along the lines of clip color, how about node colors, to help organize trees.(added 4.13.07)

3. Real Time Secondary Color Correction Wheels (steal from Symphony) (added 4.13.07)

4. Completely Rebuilt Tracker. Unlimited tracking points.(added 4.19.07)

5. Real 3D Compositing. Including the ability to import 3D shapes, cast shadows, adjust lighting, apply plug-ins in 3D Space (ie, T_Glow, surrounds an object in 3D space). (added 4.19.07)

6. AVX2 and OFX support. (added 4.19.07)

7. Native Support for Firewire-based formats. (P2, HDV, DVCProHD)- A P2 Import Feature that creates clips (including audio) and preserves the timecode (see FCP). (added 4.23.07)

8. Total Conform.

9. Skip remaining file imports. When recapturing from timeline, could we have a requester box with an option to – “Skip ALL file imports “ - “YES or NO” before the DS starts parsing the timeline? It’s a huge time-waster if you’re just looking to load stuff from tape and haven’t gone through the timeline to weed out all the video mixdown slugs and quicktime movie references to files that you don’t have yet. (added 4.23.07)

10. Modify Effect. Ability to modify clips to include/exclude tracks after logging. (added 4.23.07)

Revised: May 7, 2007 2:26 pm