2005 DS Wish List

WISH LIST for DS / whatever Avid want to replace it with

This is a pretty exhaustive list, gathered from DS users worldwide who use DS for many different purposes. This list is a good indication of what users really WANT as opposed to what engineers might choose to GIVE. It must be read in conjunction with a good knowledge of the current DS feature set.

· Igor volunteers to re-design the DS interface and make something that does not look like “Dr. Frankenstein’s failed attempt at combining WinXP, Old DS and MC together”. He thinks that dark Grey would be nice color for a start.
· Universal Object View (Like the GOV but “everything”). This would enable simple retiming of effects inside trees for instance. It’s actually a HUGE feature that would make an enormous difference.
· Attic
· Improved Command Mapping
· 24fps SD
· MC style 'Modify' command
· Ability to make HD proxies within custom projects
· Interface to external controllers other than just the MCS 3800
· Process command available from Avid Explorer (Bin). eg select a bunch of sequences and select “Process”

· Automatic highlighting of curves for the selected effect when multiple effects are displayed.
· Ability to select multiple curves or slopes and adjust them together. (UOV might facilitate this)
· Simple one-click adjustment of keyframe interpolation type (Bezier/linear/constant)
· Make Metacurve Region only affect selected effects

· Auto-Crossfade for audio edits (to eliminate non-zero crosspoint clicks)
· Ability to see audio fader curves in overlay mode along with the audio waveform, á lá Xpress. (Maybe in the animation editor?). Or Audio mixing clip based rather than track based, offering curves in the timeline
· Ability to save mixer settings and presets
· Ability to display the audio tracks while working in a container
· Ability to scale waveforms on the timeline any size you want, any time you want
· Track mixing information to follow when those tracks are converted to Audio Container
· Default behaviour changed for Mono tracks in a Stereo sequence to be routed Left and Right instead of Left only. Possibly a user option?

· RT Secondary CC
· Curves animation in the CC
· BIG BALLS. If Avid can't make one, interface to somebody else's
· Masking/tracking of masks within the Colour Corrector

· New 3D compositing environment with, amongst other things, the ability to import and export commonly used 3D data (such as 3D Max shapes, Monet tracking data etc). It also needs the ability to use 2D plugins (like T_Glow for instance, or Primatte) within the 3D environment to individual 3D objects within the scene. This would be unique.
· Scripting
· Ability to “bake” expressions (make ‘em, save ‘em, use ‘em again)
· Represent expression output with a curve in the animation editor (view only)
· Ability to define curves in expressions
· Node cloning (for instance, have the output of node “A” appear in several places within the tree)
· Node builder (like Macros in Shake)
· Custom parameter node (user defined parameters with values and sliders to drive expressions). For example, make a tree to create a picture frame around an image. With a single expression node with 5 sliders you could control all the major parameters of that frame – and you’ve achieved a new effect.
· Composite Node layer order animation
· De-containerize clips – just throw them onto Video tracks and discard the tree. Take clip and track effects with them.
· Pixel Value Sampling node (for use in expression nodes) which samples values such as Red or Luma for a region. It could just sample the whole image if the Mask input can be used to define the region the sampling happens in.
· A simple connection to 'link' all parameters of an effect to another effect. (Instant Expression of every parameter to every parameter)
· Optionally Track Effects to follow tracks when those tracks are “containerized”

· Decompose
· Much improved capture list tools, allowing selection by tape, a "move to top" button etc.
· Total Conform (yes, total)

· Particle Generator. Ideally this would be in the 3D environment, but even the inclusion of Particle Illusion would be no bad thing.
· Major improvements to the blue-green screen keyer
· A “Force RGB Processing” option in YCbCr sequences
· Better quality DVE on a par with hardware ARCs - Lanczos3 / Mitchell filtering?
· “Track Level” effect (similar to deflicker) with the ability to see and adjust the parameters that are affected. (See Pixel Value Sampling in Compositing section)
· Effect instancing. Apply many places, tweak all in one. For all places where effects can exist (clip/track/timeline/tree). This might be more easily addressed with the “parameter linking” expression suggestion above.
· Clip/Track/Timeline Effect bypass hotkey.
· Modifier key to bypass the numeric limits when "sliding" a number in an effect.
· DVE concatenation
· Optional ability to work in Log space for DI workflow. ie do not linearize.
· “Add all caches to the cache list” function within the Cache List Browser

· Many improvements required here, these are just some.
· Shape animation available in the Animation Editor
· Variable outer softness on graphics shapes. (You don't need variable inner and outer - think about it)
· B-Splines
· Expressions in graphics
· Improved EPS import, akin to Photoshop import. Automatically cut holes in shapes etc. just as if it was opened in Illustrator. Plus bring it up to current EPS release.
· Underline
· Alignment Tools additions to also allow equal spacing between objects vertically or horizontally
· New controls – “Match Position" and "Match Size”
· Text – Animations. eg expressions for text
· Ability to export a vector shape from a matte shape (e.g. do something else with it inside DS, such as paste it into a Graphics effect as a shape)
· Motion Blur

MEDIA I/O (Including DI)
· Firewire support for both DV and HDV on Nitris
· P2 Support straight from P2 disk
- User definable duration for vtr to keep rolling between clips during batch capture. Currently hard-coded at 5 secs.
· Read/interpret Varicam flags
· Video Routing remembered by Nitris as part of the deck preset.
· BWF (Broadcast Wav) export
· Define what to do in the event of a timecode break (make new clip, stop, log and keep going)
· Ability to batch insert to tape only where media exists on the timeline.
· Batch Export to file for where sections exist on the Timeline. Possibly as a render queue where different output settings can be applied
· Much improved file import, allowing redirection and correction of aspect ratio information etc at the time of recapture
· Batch Capture/Import as an import queue where different input settings can be applied
· Ability to record from tape without setting an out. Mark in, digitize away
· Ability to see progression/evaluation of time for batch captures
· Ability to pause whilst batch capturing to allow manual searching on the tape, or to skip individual clip.
· Capture Settings to persist with the project.
· Link Settings separate from Capture Settings to enable to you to specify how DS links to media. The present system causes confusion as some Capture Settings affect Links, and some don’t.
· Avid File Folders should be able to split non-consecutive sequences, i.e. sequences of files with one or more breaks in them, into separate folders, rather than simply informing you the sequence is broken (the '!' in the icon). The present system means that an operator must manually define each file sequence, and import them separately. DS should give the operator options to import one clip (with breaks), one clip (without breaks), or multiple clips.
· Capture settings should have presets that can be saved and loaded in the project
· Outputting to .dpx files could be simplified by an option in the DPX dialog box to make the filename the same as the timecode/frame number the cursor is on (in a similar vein to 'use Timeline Timecode'). This would mean that, assuming you have put your sequences in the right position on the timeline, outputting single frames could be done by a simple ‘Snapshot to File’, without any risk of finger trouble. Ideally, the operator should be able to mark frames to output with a locator, then script the output of these frames, so that all the marked frames on a timeline could be outputted in one go. The Timeline timecode should also make it back to the DPX header
· When outputting to Tape or Ref Movie, a new option – “The Timeline includes unprocessed effects. Would you like to process these before output?"
· Enable Nitris to display After Effects images in the broadcast monitor (like Mojo and Adrenaline)
· Keycode support.
· 3:2 pulldown removal when capturing

· Improved sifting and sorting of source clips (eg "find all unused clips" or "find anywhere this take has been used" (More than Reverse Matchframe)). Perhaps similar to iTunes Clip Sorter
· Ability to change Master Clips after they've been logged. (eg add audio tracks, change DF/NDF etc) Basically bring over all of the MC Modify Bin commands.
· Source Side Audio to remember volume settings when pasted onto timeline
· Multiple Tape Archive
· Multiple Format Archive
· Print Bin
· Explorer Thumbnails should be playable and interactively re-sizable, and should remember their position
· ALL Explorer windows to remember size, position and options
· Match tool that works on an open bin in whatever listing view is current
· Ability to recapture a clip that has media. DS should give the option to "Delete and Recapture?”
· Optionally recapture a clip and have the new clip propagate to all instances on the timeline.
· A Unity-type environment that really works well with DS allowing collaborative working with other DSs and the rest of the Avid family of products.
· Ability to see Sequence Length from the Avid Explorer (Bin) window
· Ability to see effects in the MediaTool with all sort of nifty and ground breaking tools like delete, copy, replace of instance, etc
· Sequence tree view should also show the contents of the SED, be editable and show effects.
· Restore the ability (pre v5?) to easily open a sequence as a source in the Avid Explorer (without having to add the name of the sequence to the path). And have this view show the effects used in the sequence.

· AVX2 support
· OMF export fixed to not give 6Gb files for a 30 sec cut!
· OMF export data on par with Media Composer (transition support).
· OMF import fixed so that it just works 100% of the time
· AAF with Media support
· Export of AFE/AAF
· Import and Export of After Effects/Combustion composition data
· Import and Export of Monet/3D (etc) tracker data
· Outsource Container for multiple-pass layers

· OFX support
· AVX2 support

· Options to “Convert SSE to Clip Effect for just this clip” and/or “Just change this effect for this clip”. Another approach would be a simple marker-based division of effects, so that you could for instance use a source-side color corrector more like a telecine/traditional CC. You would chop up your material by dropping in marks, and then park in between any two marks and set your color correction for that segment
· Ability to use Source Side Effects to color code clips in timeline

· Improved handling of longform edits on the Timeline
· Composite (transfer) modes for video tracks directly in the timeline

· Planar Tracker (á lá Monét)
· Improvements to the standard tracker
· Tracking info that is savable, recallable wherever it would be useable
· Tracker Effect with unlimited tracking points that simply track.. Connect it to DVEs and/or other effects subsequently.
· Give the option to average multiple points before applying elsewhere.

· More user control of viewer grids, safe areas, etc.
· Make viewer grids etc available on the client monitor/output

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